Bringing the Text to Life

Dr. God Matthew 9:9-13, 18-26

Let God be a healing presence and power in your life.

A popular TV commercial for cough syrup shows a houseful of sick kids lining up outside a closed door -- apparently a waiting their turn with the doctor. Finally, the door opens and standing there in a white lab coat, spoon in hand, announcing "Next," is ... "Dr. Mom."

The cough medicine hawkers are obviously trying to cash in on the fact that despite all the advanced scientific knowledge, all the technological wizardry of the modern medical profession -- we still all long to be cuddled, coddled and cured by the care of a loving parent -- no matter what our age.

The oftentimes cold, clinical approach of scientific medical practices and procedures doesn't seem to be satisfying our quest for wellness. Perhaps this is why over one-third of Americans seeking health care are trying such "unconventional" therapies as chiropractic, acupuncture or some Eastern healing technique. And people are willing to put their pocketbooks where their pain is -- spending over $10 billion a year on these ...

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