Bringing the Text to Life

Down the Up Staircase Genesis 11:1-9

Whose life will be a staircase for God''s descent to earth?

The tower of Babel would seem like pretty short stuff compared to today's architectural wonders. Buildings are now built so tall that engineers design flexibility into their frames, allowing them to sway in the swirling winds without damaging the integrity of the structure. Our cities are so filled with sky-scraping boxes that we have created whole new weather and wind patterns within these steel and concrete canyons. A few creatures have even used this phenomena to their advantage. Peregrine falcons, still a highly endangered species, swoop and race along using the wind currents created by the avenues of towering buildings. They happily nest on the building's rooftops and feast daily on the urban pigeon population.

But not all the side effects of these towering cityscapes are beneficial. As more and more brightly lit skyscrapers blaze like torches throughout the nights, the artificial light from these towers pollutes the night sky. We may not yet be able to build to the heavens,...

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