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Motion Sickness Genesis 12:1-9

Motion Sickness

Have you ever noticed how often people in the Bible are changing their addresses? It is hard to find anyone who is in a serious drama with God who is not on the move.

[Note: Begin by asking for a show of hands of those in the congregation who have moved within the past five years.]

The research says that you will probably move within the next five years. The headlines shout: "Americans Hop to New Nests Every Five Years."

"Americans move to new homes about every five years," said the Akron Beacon Journal (October 29, 1998). "Homeowners tend to stay put longer, averaging 8.2 years, while renters relocate every 2.1 years, [says] a Census Bureau report .... Nationally, the median time people lived at one residence was 5.2 years, meaning half moved sooner than that, and half remained in their nests longer. While the bureau has issued reports previously on how many people move each year - about one in six - the new figures are its first look at how long they stay put."

These statistics tell us what is going on, but they don't tell us why. Why are all these people moving every 5.2 years? What are the underlying reasons? Are people being transferred...

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