Bringing the Text to Life

One Breathwork, Many Bodyworks Acts 2:1-21

The world is becoming more global while at the same time more tribal. Pentecost gives us the key to living in a world that is becoming more different and more alike at the same time.

We live in a time when our horizons are both expanding and contracting. Never before has it been so easy to be in direct contact with people from all over the globe. Uplinks, downlinks, e-mail, tele-conferences, Internet, bulletin boards -- all these various electronic pit stops (and sometimes potholes) on the information highway offer people the chance to interact and interconnect in a nanosecond. In ways we have yet to comprehend, the "global village" has become a reality right under our noses and right at our fingertips.

But instead of one global village, we have created a host of distinct and almost self-contained global villages. Of course, some things never change. The scientific world still holds itself aloof from the business world, which still is at odds with the social services network, which still passes the buck to the educational consortium, which still vacillates between approving and disapproving of this whole digitally generated experience. Through computer...

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