Bringing the Text to Life

Hello!? Romans 8:26-39

When we find ourselves shrinking, shirking, shivering and sniveling in fear and doubt, God breaks through to say: "Hello!?"

A Harris survey commissioned by United Airlines found that 38 percent of passengers never use the lavatory during a flight, 60 percent do, and another 2 percent aren't sure.


I'm fascinated by that 2 percent. But I sure hope I never sit next to one of them on a flight!


Did you read about Julee Sharik, from Orem, Utah. She gave birth to a 7-pound, 5-ounce son, just 12 hours after learning she was pregnant. She explained: "Looking back, I remember times when he was moving around a lot, but I thought it was just gas."


A prison inmate escaped on the 89th day of a 90-day sentence; he was captured and had to then serve 1-1/2 more years.


A robber allowed a store clerk to make one call during the robbery--and was flabbergasted when the police arrived on the scene.


A brick-throwing, smash-and-grab thief knocked himself out, thus discovering that the shop owner had installed Plexiglas windows.


[These three...

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