Bringing the Text to Life

The Monster Under Megan's Bed John 6:1-21

A child saved the day for Jesus. Could it be that our children save the day for us? Is it time for us to sit at the feet of our children?

Meet a 5-year-old girl named Megan. Like many kids her age for generations before her, Megan was terrified of a monster that lived under her bed. What to do? But unlike any previous generation before her, Megan did something about the monster under her bed.

She sat down at her computer and used a software package for children to tell her story about how scary the monster who lived under the bed was, about how she wanted it to go away, and about how she solved her problem -- she put the monster under her brother's bed. She included in her story pictures of herself, her bed, her brother, her brother's bed and the monster. These were pictures she drew on her computer.

When she was done with her little storybook, she decided to share it with some of her friends. You see, Megan has friends around the world she communicates with all the time -- friends Megan has never seen. So she sent her storybook by phone to an electronic bulletin board, where kids from around the globe could read and...

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