Bringing the Text to Life

Judge Jesus Matthew 13:31-33,44-52

Judge Jesus

Real-life court television shows are now more popular than ever, but one person we don't want to see in a judge's robe is Jesus. What's the verdict on divine judgment?

There are few pleasures greater than watching somebody get what's coming to him. We have a built-in sense of right and wrong, and feel a thrill when justice is done.

You loved it when your mom stuck it to your brother, when your teacher yelled at the class bully, when your camp counselor tore in to troublemakers behind the latrine, and admit it ... you love it now when a cop pulls over the car that just shot past you at a recklessly high rate of speed.

One of the best spots for catching good, stern, tongue-lashing lectures today is the bench of lower court judges -- these guys can lay into punks and deadbeats like Father Knows Best on a caffeine high.

And that may explain the success of Judy Sheindlin, writes Joel Stein in Time magazine. Ever heard of her? You've SEEN her, if only on TV commercials. Judy is a former New York City family-court judge now starring as "Judge Judy" on one of the most popular television shows in syndication. The appeal of TV judge shows is that they...

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