Bringing the Text to Life

Spiritual Focus and Peripheral Vision Luke 10:38-42

The key to achieving spiritual "focus" is peripheral vision.

A recent television commercial for a new generation of IBM personal computers featured an excited new owner lauding her machine by noting with awe: "I couldn't believe it. There I was, cruising on-line with the Internet while keeping my primary document on-screen and checking the office memos. And I was sending a fax at the same time!!!"

The frightening thing about this woman and her message is that this is considered to be good news. As our electronic sophistication continues to develop, and its ability to throw multiple levels of questions, answers, data and documents at us grows, those of us still trying to master the art of chewing gum and walking at the same time are in for a tough time.

The key to being able to do many things at once is not brilliance or electronic wizardry or even terrifying effic- iency -- the key to that ability is focus. And what is focus? The integration of peripheral vision. Lest you think I am playing word games or mind games with you, consider this...

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