Bringing the Text to Life

Welcome or Warning? Matthew 13:24-30, 36-43

People who try to revoke other people's tickets to heaven are those who are least likely to be allowed on the train themselves.

Was there anyone the least bit surprised when Lisa Marie Presley and Michael Jackson finally announced they were going to divorce? Most of us never even bothered trying to accept the fact that they had married in the first place. After all, what was the point? It may have been the first wedding in history greeted with death knells instead of wedding bells.

Sure, Lisa Marie and Michael embody two of the most bizarre life-styles of the rich and famous ever seen on this planet. But were we really rooting against them and their oh-so-slim chance at a real relationship? Unfortunately, in some situations it is just too easy to throw ashes in other people's ice cream. Alas, it is hard to resist the temptations of such easy targets.

But sounding out bad news is for foghorns, not Christians. A foghorn warns nearby vessels to steer clear; there are dangerous rocks and reefs and perilous cliffs hiding in the mist. Foghorns know they are doing their job when everybody stays away.


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