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Ab Rollers, Androstene and the Hope of Glory Romans 8:12-25

Ab Rollers, Androstene and the Hope of Glory

"No Groan, No Gain" is the secret to becoming spiritually fit.

Tribulus Terrestris: dramatically increases testosterone levels.

Tribulus Terrestris: imported directly from Bulgaria.

Tribulus Terrestris: shows testosterone levels significantly increasing 30 percent or more in five days.

Say what?

Note: Ask if anyone knows what Tribulus Terrestris is. Ask for a show of hands. Tribulus Terrestris is a steroid, used by weight lifters. A "Safe Anabolic Replacement With No Side Effects!" says an ad in the back of a rock-and-roll magazine. "No prescription needed -- anything stronger would be illegal!" Hmmm ... are you sure you want to order anything that is almost illegal? (advertisement in Rolling Stone, February 18, 1999, 78).

In our quest for bulging biceps, curvaceous calves and washboard abs, we have entered the dietary supplement generation. Across the country, people are looking for all kinds of natural drugs to enhance their athletic performance and physical appearance.

Home-run king Mark McGwire created a minor controversy when he...

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