Bringing the Text to Life

Four Months Pregnant Genesis 25:19-34

Four Months Pregnant

2K cybertots, born to Third Millennium Mothers, will have greater opportunities than ever before. But what will they do with their birthright?

She's about four months pregnant now.

At last, it's safe to tell a few close friends. The raging bouts of morning sickness have subsided, and she is starting to "show."
She's the Third Millennium Mother, the woman who -- in just over five months -- will give birth to the first American baby born in the third millennium.

This mother has had the opportunity to control many of the details of her child's being. With the help of a fertility institute, she can choose her baby's gender. With the help of a reputable cryobank, she can choose the characteristics of the child's father much like one creates a balanced meal at a cafeteria: perhaps a 6-foot college graduate of Peruvian descent with wavy brown hair who enjoys gardening, or perhaps a medical student of German descent with straight blonde hair who enjoys tennis. The menu selections include most any combination of ethnic background, race, education level, hair texture, height and blood type.

What will be the birthright for this...

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