Bringing the Text to Life

Hollywood Holiness Mark 6:1-13

Hollywood Holiness

Believers are hitting the big time in best-selling books, futuristic films and holy hard rock. What's wrong with using Jesus as a stepping stone to secular success?

MxPx, Sixpence None the Richer, dc Talk, Jars of Clay, World Wide Message Tribe, The Ws or the Newsboys. Christian rock bands.

This is not grandma's music. It's not John Wesley, Fanny Crosby or Bill Gaither. You won't hear anything resembling it in the elevator, frozen foods section of the grocery store or in many churches for that matter. These artists will give you Jesus punk, techno-dance, alternative rock, blue-eyed soul, retro-swing and more from edgy labels such as Tooth & Nail and 5 Minute Walk. Prepare your rigid, righteous self to be rattled with a rock riff that's hard, holy and hair-raising.

These artists are all part of the contemporary Christian music world, a growing chunk of a nearly 1 billion dollar-per-year industry. Although a generation ago it was easy to separate the Christian sheep from the secular goats, today the tunes of groups such as dc Talk and Insyderz all have a sound that would mix right into any Top 40 play list.

Last year, Sixpence None the Richer's...

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