Bringing the Text to Life

Keep the Faith & Keep Fit 2 Kings 5:1-14

Keep the Faith & Keep Fit

Keeping the Faith Is Key to Keeping Fit.

The good news is that reported cases of leprosy in the United States are definitely way down. The bad news is that our nation's health has become severely compromised by a host of other diseases.

Here is some data from the National Center for Health Statistics: "The rate of violent crime in the United States is worse than that of any other industrialized country. Our population has increased by 41 percent since 1960, but violent crimes have increased more than 500 percent, and total crimes more than 300 percent. Eight out of every 10 Americans will be victims of violent crime at least once in their lives. The U.S. homicide rate for 15-24-year-olds is seven times higher than Canada's and 40 times higher than Japan's. The United States is at or near the top in rates of abortion, divorce and unwed births. And in elementary and secondary education, we are at or near the bottom in achievement scores. Since 1960 we have witnessed a more than 400 percent increase in illegitimate births, a...

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