Bringing the Text to Life

The Lord Needs You Jeremiah 1:4-10

God chooses the weak and unlikely people of this world to do God''s work.

The Bible is filled to bursting with the most astounding, incredible, powerful demonstrations of God's involvement in this world and in human lives. But perhaps the most amazing miracle that Scripture reveals to its readers is not that God created everything in the cosmos, or that God brought a tremendous flood to the earth, or that God helped the Hebrews escape from Pharaoh, or that God rescued Israel through feats of supernatural power. No, even more remarkable than all these occurrences is an overwhelming, indeed daunting, realization that all of Scripture reveals "The Lord needs you!"

The Lord needs you? The Lord needs me? It's a pretty intimidating proposition. Anyone whose ego is only a little less inflated than a basketball feels the incredulous assumptions behind such a statement. What does a statement like "the Lord needs you" really mean?

1. The Lord:

The Lord needs you?

What for? The God who created the universe, the almighty and eternal God, has need of little ol' me?...

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