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Does Jesus Care Who Wins This Game? 1 Corinthians 12:12-31a

Does Jesus Care Who Wins This Game?

Jesus doesn't care WHO wins the game. But Jesus does care HOW the game is played.

By tonight, the endless hoopla, the frenzied advertising and, almost incidentally, the football game itself, will be over. Super Bowl Sunday will have come and gone for another year.

One more observation: The Super Bowl wouldn't be a true sporting event without an endless string of both pre-game and post-game interviews. Fair or not, we have come to expect our sports professionals to be as articulate as they are athletic. There are probably only about three different interviews available to any athlete. We've all heard them, and we've heard them all.

First, there is the "I'm the greatest; nothing can stop me" interview. This is usually, but not always, a pre-game display -- as players psyche themselves up and hope to psyche out the competition. These are big guys, in the big leagues, earning big bucks, and they have big egos to match. At their worst, these pre-game boasting contests are the ones we cringe at and hope our kids don't hear.

The second type of interview is usually a...

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