Bringing the Text to Life

Wooden Surgery 1 Corinthians 1:10-18

Only the cross of Jesus Christ can heal, bind together and make whole the wounded, the wound-up, the worn-down.

Despite the costs, the risks and the pain, the number of elective cosmetic surgeries performed each year continues to sky-rocket. More and more aging baby boomers are choosing to move the site of their quest for the perfect body from the gym to the surgical table: liposuctions, tummy tucks, hair implants, nose reconstruction, permanent lip color, eyeliner and brow-contouring, and until recently, the all-time favorite, breast implants. The old catch-all phrase "plastic surgery" doesn't even begin to cover the range of options in procedures and materials available today.

Once most popular, now most suspect, is the use of silicone for replacing or augmenting body parts. The damage silicone is suspected of causing happens when this viscous fluid escapes from its plastic sealed packets and flows into the body itself. The leaking silicone causes the immune system to react against it defensively as an intrusive substance. Ironically, it is the immune system that determines what is "self"...

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