Bringing the Text to Life

Connect the Dots Luke 4:14-21

In us, the world sees a picture of Christ.

Printed as a bulletin insert this morning is a simple bunch of dots -- a kind of randomly-shaped, computer-generated blob. Right?

Now try an experiment. Stare at the four dots right in the center of the blob for about thirty seconds. Concentrate all your attention on them, don't look away and let the dots be all you see .... (wait 30 seconds.) Now let's all of us together close our eyes.

See anything? Do you see it? Did you suspect it? Isn't it amazing how a seemingly meaningless collection of little dots can actually be leading up to such a startling image?

All of us are always seeing a lot more than we think. Under hypnosis, people can remember the license numbers of cars that passed them in the street or the eye color of a salesclerk who had waited on them three weeks ago. Even when we're not consciously aware of it, our minds are taking in thousands of little pieces of information, processing them and creating from these fragments our general impressions of life, our basic...

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