Bringing the Text to Life

Living a Lack-Nothing Life 1 Corinthians 1:1-9

Living a Lack-Nothing Life

If we lack nothing, as the Scriptures say, why do we lack? Could it be that the problem is not God's failure to give, but our inability to receive?

If it is true, as modern architect Mies Van der Rohr first stated, that "God is in the details," it is also true that only the Devil keeps an itemized list. Hard life-lessons teach that the longer the list of "options added" or "luxuries included" the more carefully we had better check out just what it is we are getting and getting into.

Remember the last time you wandered new car lots? Remember those long lists with their roll calls of goodies stuck on the side window? Remember bending down to read more carefully that extensive, impressive list? Those specially added "options" usually include windshield wipers, carpeting, horn, radio. Even integral parts of the engine itself are sometimes separated out and added as featured details to make the get-list look more substantial.

Once burned, we become suspicious around flowery language and gushing promises. Renting a vacation house for a family get-away? The longer the list, the more careful you are. Is this "beach house" actually on ...

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