Bringing the Text to Life

Holy Hocus-Pocus! Mark 1:4-11

The Christian's secret weapon is much more than hocus-pocus; it is the Holy Spirit, the energy of God.

The "Cold War" era was grim. Citizens of both the U.S. and U.S.S.R. were gripped by a frosty fear of everyone and everything, overshadowed by the specter of a mushroom cloud.

Extreme paranoia did manage to give us, however, some great spy stories! This was the "golden age" for that golden guy "007," not to mention "The Man From U.N.C.L.E.," "The Avengers," "The Saint," "Ice Station Zebra" and "Mission Impossible." Nothing seemed to stoke the imaginations of the spy-thriller genre like the chill of the Cold War. Secret agents and their wonderful, amazing, gravity-defying, usually exploding arsenal of secret weapons were the answer to everyone's insecurities.

Our fascination with "secret weapons" still runs strong. We remain convinced that some "secret weapon" will yet be developed that will put us in charge and keep us safe.

Centuries ago people looked to magic for their "secret weapons." Amulets and incantations, special potions and rituals--all were humanity's "secret weapons"...

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