Bringing the Text to Life

Listening for God Matthew 3:13-17

Much of the church today is based on speaking before listening. There are lots of policies and procedures for speaking in the church but none for listening.

There is a cartoon of a little boy sitting under a tree with his dog. The boy is reading the Bible. He reads, "And then a voice came to Moses from above ..." He turns to his dog and asks, "Have you ever heard a voice from above? " You can see the dog's thoughts in a bubble above its head: "Attention K-Mart shoppers ... " (As cited by Bob Olmstead, 15 March 1992, Reno, Nevada).

Today we are bombarded by disembodied voices and background noises. Radios blare at us in our cars, stereo systems squawk at us in our homes, elevators sing to us at work and computer generated "voices" nag us about the empty gas tank or door that is ajar. While we routinely live with all this noise, we remain highly susceptible to the messages shouted by these various voices. The commercial ads on radio and television pay. They pay the station's bills as we pay for the products they advertise. The messages carried by music are just now starting to concern some people. Is it just a coincidence that randomly...

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