Bringing the Text to Life

From Chaos to Creativity Genesis 1:1-5

From Chaos to Creativity

Although confusion makes us crazy, God can pull order from disorder. The Creator's "Chaos Theory" shows that complete creativity craves a certain amount of chaos.

Ever feel as if your life is pure chaos? In a condition of complete confusion? Disordered and random and disjointed, sort of like the state of the universe before Creation?

Hey, join the club. Most of us feel like that every day, especially first thing in the morning, trying to get out the door to work or school or church. And it may not be such a pathetic place: According to recent research, Club Chaos is the hottest spot in town.

Surely you've seen the books. There are currently over 1,200 on the topic, including:

* Chaos: Making a New
Science, by James Gleick,

* Greg Bear's Foundation and Chaos, part of the Foundation Trilogy Series,

* Absolutely Normal Chaos, by Sharon Creech. Yes, that's right: Absolutely Normal Chaos -- must be a first-person account of life with a toddler!

But there's more. You can also pick up Agent of Chaos, Applied Chaos, Angel of Chaos, Beyond Chaos, Bordering on Chaos, and the best-selling business book Thriving on Chaos. For anyone who craves insight into...

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