Bringing the Text to Life

Mazing Grace or Amazing Grace Isaiah 42:1-9

It is the amazing grace of God that brings together God''s justice and mercy - and turns the maze of life into constant amazement.

Remember when you were a kid and you wanted to ask your mom and dad for permission to do something really special? The more outlandish the request, the more unlikely the prospect of approval, the more you knew that timing was everything.

You knew you had to catch them in just the right mood and at just the right time of day. It always helped to do a few unexpected good deeds as well - make your bed, take out the trash, pick up your room and just generally be around and be good company. Only when all these signs were favorable would you dare broach the subject of the desired event or item. If something went wrong - dinner got burned or a bad day at work - forget it! You knew the answer ahead of time: Permission denied!

Children may complain about having to follow house rules, but the truth is that it is reassuring to know just who is in charge. But besides needing a powerful image of someone in charge, we all count on that intangible, unpredictable quality of compassion. There are...

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