Bringing the Text to Life

Please, Don't Eat the Snails Ephesians 1:3-14

Please, Don't Eat the Snails

Made a mess of your life? Let Jesus make a life out of your mess!

When I was a teenager, my biggest fear was that I had a tapeworm growing inside me. This sounds (and looks) ridiculous now. But from as early as I can remember, I was tall for my age, "skinny as a rail," and ate everything and anything in sight. In fact, before potluck suppers, my parents used to feed me at home so that I wouldn't embarrass them at church. By 14, I was 6'2" and 120 pounds. I topped off at 16 when I reached 6'4" in height but only 144 pounds. What stuck out about me most was my adam's Apple. I stayed at 144 pounds until I got married.

People who knew me, and knew of the prodigious amounts of food I could consume, used to say, "Are you sure you don't have a tapeworm?" They said it so many times I started believing it. I went to bed at night with visions of a 12-foot tapeworm in my stomach digesting the eight bologna sandwiches and 10 pints of milk I had eaten during the day (not to mention breakfast, lunch and supper).

Two things cured me of my tapeworm phobia. I put ...

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