Bringing the Text to Life

The Resolution to End All Resolutions Luke 2:41-52

The ultimate resolution a Christian can make is to live in the light of divine intentions, not human inventions.

Did anyone come down to breakfast this morning and announce -- "I'm so hungry, I feel as if I haven't eaten since last year!"?

It's fun to play with all the brand-new possibilities open to you on January 1. Go jogging this morning, and you've exercised every day this year. Get through lunch without eating potato chips or a candy bar, and this year reflects a whole new healthy and perfectly-kept diet regime. So far this year, perhaps you have never cussed at someone, never yelled at the kids, never forgotten to floss, never thrown your dirty clothes on the bathroom floor and never forgotten to read the Bible in the morning!

On January 1 your whole life can be transformed. For one day at least, all your good intentions can be jump-started, and all your bad habits can be unplugged. At least for a few hours (or minutes?), the year is a perfect reflection of your best self.

But January 1 is followed inevitably by January 2 and January 3. Someday soon you will opt for staying in a cozy...

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