Bringing the Text to Life

How Possible? John 3:1-17

How Possible?

"How is this possible?" elicited Jesus' most famous response. "For God so loved the world" is how all things are possible.

What "impossible" things have you done so far today? None? Really?

Did you perfectly poach your breakfast egg in 45 seconds in your microwave?

Did you log on to your e-mail site and download messages from friends, business associates and maybe even your grandson?

Did you get out of bed and stroll pain-free around your home using an artificial hip or knee?

Did you swallow a simple aspirin and so reduce your chance of a heart attack?

Did you drive to church in a $30,000-plus computer car that has a built-in satellite system so that you always know exactly where you are or where you are going?

Did you make a phone call from your car while on your way here? Did you stop at an ATM and pay a few bills or get some cash?

Did you stop at a 24-hour Taco Bell and grab a burrito with extra hot sauce for breakfast on your way to Sunday school?

All of these things, and a million more, would have been rejected as "impossible" only a decade or two ago. Today, home electronic gadgetry,...

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