Bringing the Text to Life

Plaque Buildup Romans 5:12-19

The world needs a Savior - to save us from ourselves, to scrape the plaque off the human heart.

Whoever thought the gooey, grungy film that builds up on your teeth would inspire a huge new growth industry in the cutthroat consumer marketplace? Only a few years ago, "plaque" was something you only heard about in ninth-grade health class or read about on some gruesome wall chart of decaying teeth plastered to your dentist's wall. The only reason you read about it in either of those two places was because you were a totally captive audience.

Now, plaque sells big. Aging boomers have suddenly discovered something new to worry about and spend money on (the two things we boomers seem to do best) ... their teeth. In the past five years, more plaque-fighting, tartar-reducing, super-whitening, gingivitis-destroying products have flooded the market than ever imagined. Combating the dreaded "plaque buildup" - which apparently is the cornerstone upon which a whole host of disgusting oral hygiene and dental problems are built on - has become one of the major battles we are now expected to...

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