Bringing the Text to Life

Will You Join the Jesus Team? Exodus 24:12-18

The church must move from standing committees to moving teams.

Americans like to whine and pine for the "good old days" when one individual with a pioneer spirit could carve a home out of the wilderness and create all that was needed for personal survival. There is a whole genre of "G"-type movies and TV shows that orbit about the theme of a "wilderness family." Despite the struggles and hardships of everyday life these hardy pioneers faced, they lived the "good life" - simple, pure and unfettered by the constraints and constructions of civilization.

In truth, a self-sufficient lifestyle sounds great until a big storm knocks out all your electricity. Without water, heat or light - all provided by one of those civilized intrusions into our lives - everything suddenly becomes much harder. Making dinner means first building a fire. Water becomes a precious liquid, carefully portioned out, not that noisy stuff that flows endlessly from the tap. Comfortable warmth fades to a memory as the house grows colder with each passing hour. Darkness falls...

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