Bringing the Text to Life

Big Foot Mark 9:2-9

Letting go of fear, words and control allows Christ to transform us.

A young man went off to college with great expectations. After he had been in college for one month, he faxed his father, "Feather in my cap, elected class president." Two months later, he sent another fax to his father: "Another feather in my cap: accepted into the best fraternity." One month later, a third fax: "Still another feather in my cap, leading role in class play."

One semester later, he sent this fax to his brother: "Flunked out, prepare father. Tell him to send money for me to get home!"

The brother faxed back: "Father prepared. Prepare yourself. Father says put those feathers on your shoulders and fly home!"

Ever talk yourself into a similar situation? Sometimes the need to open our mouths and show the world how clever we are confirms just the opposite beyond any shadow of a doubt. Without even seeing it coming, we stick our foot right into our mouth. What perverse drive is it that continually lands us in this awkward, graceless, foolish-looking position?


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