Bringing the Text to Life

No Comment 2 Kings 2:1-12a

In situations when we come face to face with the wonder of God''s love and power, our best response may be to close our mouths and open our hearts to God''s magnificence and munificence.

In his 1924 presidential campaign, Calvin Coolidge greeted the emotional subject of Prohibition at press conferences with a standard response: "No comment." No matter how insistent the questioning reporters, he steadfastly persisted in his "No comment." Then he would leave the room, smiling softly and adding, "Now don't quote me."

Calvin Coolidge hardly stands out in our national history as a bright and shining example of presidential leadership and power - his laid-back style and renowned nap-taking are the few legacies of his presidency. Even his White House portrait, under which small July 4th birthday parties would take place in the Reagan era, has been replaced by Theodore Roosevelt's portrait. However, Coolidge did seem to understand that no response is sometimes the wisest response we can make to a situation that transcends human insight or experience.

This week's texts highlight the chasm between Creator and created by allowing us dazzling, almost blinding, glimpses of the...

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