Bringing the Text to Life

Has He Appeared to You? 1 Corinthians 15:1-11

How does Christ appear to you? And if Christ hasn''t appeared to you lately - why not? If you think God only visits on Sundays, maybe you need to start looking at different parts of your life, different days in your week, in order to rediscover God''s presence there.

Jesus' physical appearance on this earth was just the beginning of the greatest story ever told. For a few, like Simon Peter and the rest of the disciples, the physical presence of this living, breathing Jesus was enough impetus to effect radical change in their lives. But God's salvation story came into full bloom when the resurrection took place. For the rest of us, then, it is through the appearance of the resurrected Christ that we may experience the transforming power of love in our own lives.

Both the physical. Jesus and the spiritual Christ compel us to re-examine all our paltry plans and puny perceptions before Jesus' template of human wholeness. When we recognize that we are, at best, shards and fragments of what God intends us to be, Christ's healing, wholesome love enters all these broken pieces of our lives.

Isaiah, Paul, and Simon Peter all confess to living in a wrong, wretched state when they are confronted by the appearance of the divine. It is as if the encounter...

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