Bringing the Text to Life

WWJD Luke 5:1-11


Would you forfeit a fortune in fish to be a follower of Jesus?

Every week, millions of Americans put down a few dollars and buy a lottery ticket. Some might even admit to sending back Publishers' Clearinghouse Sweepstakes entry forms.

For many, buying a sweepstakes ticket or a lottery ticket is a harmless little indulgence. We purchase it without faith but with a little bit of hope placed in sheer luck.

Now suppose tomorrow your number suddenly comes up and you hold the winning ticket. Millions of dollars are yours for the taking. Doesn't that just-for-fun lottery ticket now become deadly serious business? No longer is it just a frivolous flirtation. Now it is the key to your whole future.

Wouldn't you guard that ticket with your life? Wouldn't you run with it clutched in your hand to the nearest lottery official to stake your claim? Wouldn't you tear apart your house, your office, your car to find it if it were misplaced? Would you just look at it, smile, and say, "Oh well," and then casually toss it away? ... Throw away a sure thing? Flick ...

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