Bringing the Text to Life

The Oblivious Obvious Luke 5:1-11

There are times when it''s necessary and important to state the obvious. Such a time is now.

Question: What do Smokey the Bear, Winnie the Pooh and John the Baptist have in common?

Answer: The same middle name.

Why is the obvious so oblivious, so hard for us to see?

Dr. Samuel Johnson once observed: "Never be afraid to state the obvious. It is what most people have forgotten."

As a pastor, out doing some home visitation, climbed the steps to the porch of one of his parishioners, he heard the sound of a piano being played. The closer he got to the door, however, the more painful the sound. This wasn't the sound of an accomplished pianist finding joy in making music. This was the stumbling, clashing, rhythm-less attempt of a beginner. When he knocked, and no one answered, he walked on the porch to a large picture window. Peeking through the window, the pastor saw the family's young son seated in front of the piano, his faced pinched in frowning concentration. A light tapping on the glass brought the child flying off the piano bench and racing to the door, ecstatic at the...

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