Bringing the Text to Life

What Jesus Wants for Christmas (Part 2) Matthew 1:18-25

We should consider giving ourselves to God at Christmas

Just as God's very being was given at Christmas, we are to give the heart of who we are to the Christ child.

Last week, we asked you to challenge your people to consider what Jesus wants for Christmas. We intimated that the Savior's wish list had two entries. The first was that Jesus might have his birthday back.

The second entry on Jesus' wish list is of a more personal nature. Before Jesus' birth, God required from two ordinary people similar gifts - the gifts of their very beings. Mary was chosen to participate in a singular and intimate way in this divine drama. She was elected to be the mother of this savior-child. It was within her body that human flesh grew together with the divine spark to create the infant Messiah.

Joseph, too, was asked to give his being - his identity as a descendant of David. His family name and his fatherly protection were the gifts of the self that Joseph openly bestowed on the baby Jesus.

So it is that Jesus continues to ask for this very personal gift...

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