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Jesus, Prince of Egypt Matthew 1:18-25

Jesus, Prince of Egypt

In this season of Christmas, we remember that it was "out of Egypt" that God called his Son.

The first animated feature film produced by Dreamworks SKG just opened this month: The Prince of Egypt. It's the story of Moses, one of the greatest stories in the Bible, told for a 21st-century audience. Two hundred people have been working on this film for four years now, and about one million individual drawings make up this 88-minute animated special.

Dreamworks SKG is the first new studio to open in Hollywood in 50 years, and it is led by three of the world's best storytellers - Steven Spielberg in film, Jeffrey Katzenberg in animation and David Geffen in music. It was, in part, the desire of these three artists to tell the story of Moses that led to the creation of Dreamworks SKG.

The film features Val Kilmer as Moses and Ralph Fiennes as Ramses, two men brought together by fate and ripped apart by a secret revealed.

The overall visual style of the movie is inspired by the epic films of director David Lean, the ethereal biblical illustrations of 19th-century French artist...

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