Bringing the Text to Life

Have you caught the Advent virus? Matthew 11:2-11

Have you caught the Advent virus?

A virus is in the air and if we are exposed to it, we just might be fortunate enough to become infected!

It's a classic tale: good vs. evil, the powers of darkness vs. the powers of light, the virtuous vs. the corrupt; it's ... Walt Disney's cartoon battle between the apparently befuddled old Merlin and the purple wickedness of the "marvelous mad Madam Mim"!

In case this dramatic duel has slipped your mind, or you don't have children or grandchildren the right age to force you to relive this battle on a daily video-viewing basis, let us refresh your memory. It's worth the memories, for it really is a clever clash. Merlin and Mim are fighting it out because Mim wants to eat Merlin's student, none other than the young King Arthur. Obviously a lot is at stake. The witch and the wizard agree to certain rules before their battle, pledging among other things that neither of them will turn into a purple-spotted, fire-breathing dragon or turn invisible altogether.

But as the contest heats up, the wicked Mim cheats and turns herself into the fire-breathing dragon she had promised not to...

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