Bringing the Text to Life

God's Animal Kingdom Isaiah 11:1-10

God's Animal Kingdom

Where can true peace be found? The Disney kingdom or the Divine kingdom?

"The sun has risen. The trees have parted. And Disney has opened the gates to a world of adventure celebrating man's enduring love of animals, with Disney's Animal Kingdom theme park. Every path in this fourth Walt Disney World park leads to thrilling encounters with the real, imaginary and extinct creatures who rule here. So get ready for a journey into the mysteries, marvels and thrills of the ever-unfolding story of animals."

So begins the description of Disney's Animal Kingdom, available for all the world to see on its Internet home page. At first glance, it appears that this theme park is a place of peace and harmony, where not only the wolf is living with the lamb, but imaginary and even extinct creatures are lying down together. But after a few clicks of the computer mouse, it becomes clear that God's own peaceful kingdom has not yet come to Orlando.

Safari Village is your "magical departure point" for excursions into the different realms of the Animal Kingdom, says the home ...

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