Bringing the Text to Life

What Are You Full Of? Romans 12:9-21

Out of the abundance of the heart, the Bible teaches, a person speaks (Matthew 12:34-35). Whatever fills the heart fuels the life.

Next time you're feeling pleased with yourself for having finally organized your spice rack or caught up on filing your bills, consider that the Swedish naturalist Carolus Linnaeus undertook the task of organizing all of God's creation - and pretty well succeeded. Linnaeus devised the taxonomic classification system that botanists and biologists still use today. It was a system so precise, yet so flexible, that it has been able to stretch and adapt to all the thousands of discoveries that have been made and all the knowledge and insight that has been gained in the 200 years since Linnaeus lived.

Linnaeus' system breaks living things into smaller and smaller groups based on smaller and smaller sets of common characteristics. Each division whittles away at the identity of a creature until finally you are left with only one possible answer. For example a creature belonging to the kingdom "Animalia," the phylum "Chordata," the sub-phylum "Vertebrata," the class "Mammalia," the order...

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