Bringing the Text to Life

Just Looking James 1:17-27

The Christian life is much more than "just looking."

Does your job require you to work on commission? To someone who works on commission, there are few more disheartening words from a browsing customer than when in response to a polite "May I help you?" one hears "No thanks, I'm just looking."

"Just looking" -- What it mostly means is "Go away, I have no intention of buying anything here." Sometimes we go "just looking" because we're bored. We cruise the malls looking in one shop after another, simultaneously overwhelmed by all the choices before us and uninterested in what seems to be just "more of the same."

Sometimes we go "just looking" to sneak a peek at all those things that are beyond our reach. Ever pretend to be studying the photos of yachts for sale down at a marina? Or ever walk through the showroom of a Porsche dealership, checking out the latest models you won't be buying? Or maybe you prefer trying on a few diamonds and rubies, just to see how they look on your finger? "Sorry, just looking."

But some people spend all...

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