Bringing the Text to Life

Who Are You? Hebrews 12:18-29

We are now in the midst of a "shaking of the foundations." What is it that remains when all else is shaken and taken?

At the time of this writing, the devastating earthquake in Kobe, Japan, has reminded us all once again just how fragile is our world. As the earth itself slips and slides under our feet, our cities come tumbling down around our ears, and the security of our communities is dashed to pieces. In the past two years, shakes and quakes have hit California hard. Areas in China, the Philippines and the Caucuses have also felt the rumbling and fallen to rubble. It seems a worldwide shakeup is under way.

The text from Hebrews this week suggests that we will not even escape being shaken up in heaven. The promise of the gospel is this: As long as we cling to our quake-proof sanctuary, the mercy and love of the resurrected Christ, we will be perfectly safe. But the tremors will be felt.

In the event of physical earthquakes, most of us have some idea what we should do in order to maximize our safety and chances for survival. Californians have long been drilled in what to do and where to go. Few...

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