Bringing the Text to Life

Karate Klergy Ephesians 6:10-20

Karate Klergy

The apostle gives us a heavy dose of military jargon as a means of urging Christians to stand firm and proclaim the gospel of peace. Does this image still work?

[NOTE: For this sermon idea, arrange two sets of cinder blocks and pine boards for a karate demonstration. If the minister is robed, he or she might consider removing the stole and wrapping it about the waist as a karate belt. Watch for cues.]

Kung Fu Clergy.

Martial Arts Ministry.

If you think these are cute oxymorons, think again. More karate clergy are cinching their black belts than ever, chopping for Christ, kicking, blocking, flipping and punching their way into churches everywhere. Many of them, now in their 40s, watched the early 1970s television series, Kung Fu, starring David Carradine as Kwai Chan Caine, a half-American Sholin priest, hiding out in the American Wild West, righting wrongs by defending the weak - only after showing considerable self-restraint.

Martial-arts ministries, many associated with the Gospel Martial Arts Union (, are spreading the Good News across the country. At tiny Emmanuel Baptist Church in Montana, the Rev. Kent Haralson, who...

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