Bringing the Text to Life

Doorkeepers, Lampkeepers and Wisdomkeepers Luke 13:22-30

Celebrate the keepers of wisdom in your midst.

How many times have you slammed the car door only to notice your keys hanging uselessly in the ignition? The entire vehicle, all its horsepower, comfort, gadgetry and security is suddenly completely inaccessible to you. Your dependence on that skinny little slip of metal is depressingly clear; your plans for at least the next hour or two are radically changed. Without keys, the familiar old family car suddenly becomes a menacing obstacle daring you to breach its boundaries.

Accessibility has always been an issue of integrity. We want to let in those who are friends and family, those who "belong," while keeping out those who would harm us, undermine our work or threaten our peace. In ages past, the walled city worked pretty well at maintaining security. During daylight hours the city could be entered by going through one of its many gates, but at sundown these doorways would be shut up tight. Guards would be posted to ensure that the closed gate was not breached by some unwelcome,...

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