Bringing the Text to Life

The Diderot Effect Romans 12:1-8

God calls us to jump off the consumer escalator known as "The Diderot Effect" and find satisfaction in the spiritual gifts we have been given.


This word -- accessorize -- is not only an imperative, it's a temptation.

An imperative because you can't just not accessorize. You can't just do the basic thing without adding this or that thingamabob here, or a few doodads there. It ain't gonna happen.

A temptation because it is sooooo easy just to keep adding and adding and adding.

For example:

You can't just get a computer. You hafta throw in a colorful mousepad, an ergonomic keyboard and wrist shelf to keep you from getting carpal tunnel syndrome; then there are dust covers, tinted screen, disk caddies and CD-ROM storage units, batteries and laptop accessories, a compu-filter to eliminate dust in your computer, cables, connectors, switch boxes, video cards and real audio, and zip disks.

By now you need more desktop space for your desktopping functions. A bigger desk with capacious shelving and deep drawers and that special little pull-out tray for the keyboard.

You're also gonna need surge protectors,...

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