Bringing the Text to Life

Christian MDRs Ephesians 6:10-20

The second in a two-part series on how to keep your church (last week) and each individual person in it (this week) in prime spiritual shape.

Last week, the Ephesians text focused on spiritual concerns for the gathered community of faith. As a communal event, worship and praise are the mainstay of a church's health and vigor. This week the epistle focuses on the protective armaments that shield and strengthen every individual believer, as a community of faith draws its vitality from the health of each and every soul present.

Today when we read about the "armor of God" we find it hard to envision all those ancient means of military protection, much less actually climbing into all that stuff ourselves. But it was not that author's intention to make God's protective nature appear foreign or exotic to the community of faith. The soldier's apparel he describes was something familiar and easily understandable to his audience. Perhaps if we translated this illustration into something more familiar and easily comprehendible today, we too could sense the security and power the "whole armor of God" offers to each and every...

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