Bringing the Text to Life

A Bill of Rights Matthew 15:(10-20) 21-28

A church that believes in anything and everything is standing on the brink of believing in nothing.

What is your basis for deciding between right and wrong?

Do you even think in terms of right and wrong anymore? Do you have categories of rightness and wrongness in your life? Or are you paralyzed by an overdose of tolerance, drowning in what is "politically correct"?

Jesus was more loving and accepting than any person who has ever walked this earth. He dined with sinners and tax collectors, he welcomed the presence of the sick and despairing, he worked among the poor and the pitiful. But Jesus never let anyone get away from him without knowing right from wrong. Jesus based his tenderness in a tough-minded certainty about the presence and persistence of great wrongs and the crying need for enabling the right.

One children's Sunday-school text offers this simple reminder to all wondering and wandering adults searching for some comforting clarity on what is "right" and "wrong":

"Anything that goes against what God is like is wrong."
This is followed by the corollary--"Anything...

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