Bringing the Text to Life

By Faith Living Hebrews 11:1-3, 8-16

To live "by faith" and not "by sight" means to live in the light of God''s promises in the present. To step forward in faith is to live in the victorious peace of a war already won -- whether or not the particular battle you are fighting is being "won" or "lost."

The pulse of postmodern life is created partly by our biological heartbeat and partly by the electronic circuitry of our technological partners. Unless we are out wilderness hiking (and sometimes even then), it is virtually impossible for us to proceed through a normal day without reaching out for the aid or comfort of some gas-powered, electrically-charged, fiber-optic-controlled gizmo.

Who would have thought that this electronic culture would have produced electronic sweatshops? In fact, the electronic sweatshops of the Information Age can be as severe as any sweatshops of the Industrial Age. I see people who live in sweatshops every time I am in an airport. There you can see workers walking stooped-shouldered, absolutely weighted down by a personal computer, portable fax machine, cellular phone and all sorts of electronic devices which are strapped around their necks, stuffed under their arms and lugged around by both arms.

At least our ancestors could escape the sweatshops of...

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