Bringing the Text to Life

Just Say Yes to Bacon John 6:35, 41-51

Just Say Yes to Bacon

What Would Jesus Eat? In an age of diet dyslexia, Jesus offers us a regimen based on the bread of life - a spiritual food source designed to satisfy our hunger and thirst forever.

Two Fat Ladies.

It has been almost a year to the day since one of the stars of the popular Two Fat Ladies cooking show passed away. Jennifer Paterson died last August of cancer at the age of 71. With her partner, Clarissa Dickson Wright, she preached the joys of cooking on a television show originating in Britain that accurately, if irreverently, described them both. The show was heavy on humor as well as calories. Eschewing popular low-fat diets, the two fat ladies sought to reclaim traditional home cooking. They themselves were the best advertisements for their recipes, which usually featured heavy doses of butter and cream.

They were a happy pair, bumping about Britain on a Triumph Thunderbird motorbike with sidecar, chasing recipes and cooking up scrumptious meals with a lack of pretension unheard of in these days of superstar chefs.

The two fat ladies are part of a growing trend to forget food deprivation and just say yes to bacon. "Banish the breads and the pasta," command the...

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