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Build the Perfect Man 2 samuel 11:26-12:13a

Build the Perfect Man

It took a long time before David had a mature moment. Unfortunately, it came too late to avoid the awful consequences.

[NOTE: Using last week's material, review, if necessary, the background information concerning HBO's Golden Globe award-winning series Sex and the City.]

Previously on Sex and the City ...

Carrie discovers that her ex is engaged to a 26-year-old named Natasha, Miranda reconciles with Steve, and Samantha encounters a man with too much to offer. Before that, we met the alcoholic boyfriend, the mean boyfriend, the rich-but-old-enough-to-be-your-grandfather boyfriend and the secretly married boyfriend.

HBO's television comedy Sex and the City asks the ubiquitous question, universally pondered by single women the world over: Is the perfect man out there? The answers range from the bitter to the profane to the roundabout but humorous.

Question: The perfect man, the perfect woman, the tooth fairy and Santa Claus are all in a car accident. Who survives?

Answer: The perfect woman. The other three don't exist.

Perfection is fiction. As the fictional characters of Sex and the City continue...

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