Bringing the Text to Life

Ten Commandments of Trust Matthew 14:13-21

Although our coins read "In God we trust," trust is a scarce commodity these days. Perhaps we have forgotten the Ten Commandments of Trust.

The issue of trust is one of the most crucial question facing postmoderns today.

- The catch phrase of the wildly popular "X Files" TV show declares, "Trust no one; fear everything."

- The mistrust between Republicans and Democrats has led to multiple forced government shutdowns as the battle over who can be trusted to balance the federal budget rages.

- Social "Security" is now considered a big joke by workers under the age of 45 -- who have no trust in that quickly going-broke system of "trust funds."

- Parents are frantically searching for sure-fire ways to lock their kids away from the pornography that has spread all over the Internet.

- The installation of high-tech navigational computers in the new upscale cars now means that soon you will never have to stop and ask another human being for directions -- and trust they are right -- again.

Trust is a scarce commodity. We neither have it ourselves nor expect others to have trust in us. We are trapped in a "trust deficit"...

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