Bringing the Text to Life

Will You Get That, Jesus? John 10:11-18

Jesus is our Good Shepherd. It is the shepherd's job to take care of the wolf. The wolf is not the sheep''s problem. The sheep's job is to stay near the shepherd, in the shadow of his protection.

Despite the fact that we live frantic, hectic, on-the-road lives, it is still true that the greatest number of injuries and accidents occur in the home. Similarly, most car accidents occur when we are within five miles of home. (Never decide not to fasten your seat belt because you are going "just around the corner." Statistically that's the most dangerous trip you ever make!) Tragically, we are far more likely to meet a violent death at the hands of someone we know, especially a family member, than we are to be killed by an unknown assailant. It seems we continue to be our own worst enemies.

Maybe the ancient Israelites recognized this persistent self -destructive tendency more clearly than have other societies. Hebrew culture continually and unflinchingly characterized itself as "sheep" in constant need of a shepherd. Every culture has its own mythical image of itself, usually drawn from some romantic past. Thus the bland, boiled-meat British will always be the noble...

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