Bringing the Text to Life

Strength's Weakness John 20:19-31

It is at the point of our strengths rather than our weaknesses that we are most vulnerable. Our strengths can create even greater monsters than our weaknesses.

In downtown Detroit, an entire side of the Cadillac Tower building bears the muscular image of Barry Sanders, the NFL's leading rusher and Detroit Lions running back #20. The only way you know who is responsible for this massive, looming work of people's art, this icon to a sports god, is by one symbol in the upper right-hand corner: a swoosh (Nike)!

Professional athletes make their livelihood off their Herculean bodies and physical abilities. Yet those very bodies are finally an athlete's downfall. Ten- dinitis and arthritis slow down a pitcher's arm. Torn ligaments and floating cartilage cripple a running back's knees. Tennis elbow stops all "ace" servers cold. That which was once an athlete's source of power and pride becomes the weakest, most vulnerable part of his or her body. There comes a time in every athlete's life when no longer does "practice make perfect." Instead, practice only makes pain.

Among Jesus' 12 disciples, Thomas was not singled out as an example of "doubt"...

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